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How to Start Online Business with Minimum Cost

Let’s talk about how to make online presence for our/your business with minimum cost. Now these day we all know that max of people having smart phone and internet accessibility in other word everyone has internet to their hand, means you can directly reach to people and do shake hand through smart phone and internet.

Now let’s see how you can do hand shake without meeting your customer, the answer is social media, Now these days max of people those are having smart phone has been using internet and social media such as: Facebook, YouTube, Google+, witter, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Linkedin, tumblr, many more. As per static of Indian smart phone user you can easily reach out to million people within a minute without moving form your place.

Number of smartphone users in India from 2015 to 2022 (in millions)*

smart phone user in India


And as per stat Internet user in India is:

Internet Users Projected To Cross 500 Million By June 2018 In India, So, you can imagine how many people you can reach out within a minute.

How should you start:

First: make a Facebook page, Market Place of Facebook, twitter profile , Instagram, LinkedIn and snapchat profile as per your business name and start share your social page in your account, through that you can reach your local user/customer.

Now you start posting your services and products on your social media profile and share on social media as well as you can Facebook group for share your products or services so whatever are joined that group directly reach to you without visiting to your shop or you. Or you can start paid marketing for social media such and put min balance such as RS 120 on Facebook same way on other social media you can use other profile algorithm such as on twitter and Instagram you can use famous hastag as well as you can make your own hastag that generate more customer/users. For any query mail us @ or send me request on my skype: vishalraj232.

Second: Use Google Business listing and Bing Business Listing to list your business so people easily find through google search also as well as you can use Google Market place to sell your services and products to grow your business, And we all know the user of Google have, So you indirectly reach Google user means a potential customer that will make your business more fruitful.

Third: Create your YouTube channel it’s free, you just need a one gmail account, You just have to singed in on YouTube through your gmail account and start posting your Products videos or Your Services video. For Making video you can use your smart phone that’s enough for starting. This is one of best and effective way to engage your customer or give details about your products and details to your customer.

Fourth: Use free CMS that provide the sub-domain website, Such as:, Blogger,, Yola, Tumblr, and there are lot of free CMS that provide you free hosting but with sub-domain like: or Then List your sub-domain on all social media and Google, and Bing Business listing.

Fiveth: Once you start getting user then you can use own custom website. For that you need some investment. Like:

  • Buying Domain
  • Hosting
  • Web Developer
  • Digital Marketing Agency

Buying Domain: Now this is the next level of your online business, For that you have to buy a custom domain name that is based on your business name for example: For buying domain name you can use any domain provider like Google Domain, Godaddy, Bigrocks, internetbs  and there are lot of domain provider you can choose as per your connivance.

Buying Domain From Google Doamin

Buying Hosting: This is next stage of get live your business website. There is so many hosting provider you can choose any one as per your choice. I am listing some hosting provider. WordPress, Google, AWS By Amazon, Godaddy, Bigrocks, OVH, Digital Ocean, namecheap, and nextraone and more. So can choose as per your budget and requirement.

Google Hosting

Web Developer: If you are not familiar with technology then now you need a professional Web Developer that make your requirement in real world. So have to find a Web Developer those are able to convert your idea or your requirement to real world, So user can easily  use your online business presence (Website or Mobile App).

Digital Marketing Agency: It needed when your reach a basic turn over for your business, Because they will take you to next level of Business. Because now these day people are get board with TV and Radio or NewsPaper, every one now using Social media for fun or time pass, People are spending max free time on Social media such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and Twitter and they use Google to find any thing. For get user through you need a good SEO agency that will help you to optimize your Website or Mobile as per Google Search Algorithm.

SEO is long process so you have to give some time for that, So before going for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you may follow above step that will give you enough customer base that make your business revenue then you go for SEO.

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