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What is Website  and Why It’s needed?

When we talk about a website it directly or indirectly a way to make business. So may people still asking about why we need website for my business and what is it’s need?

Let’s talk about what is a website?

Website is mainly a online presentation of your business and personal things that make you visible for all around the glob means people will get to know about you from anywhere and any place if they have internet or any smart device that’s it.

Things to be needed for Website live for users:

  1. Domain Name: It is just like your business, store or your name that represents you and people will be know about that name globally.  In other word you may say domain name is your virtual land where you can build your building for your assets or name for anythings (like business, Foundation, Social Cause and many more.). You may buy domain form google domain, Godaddy, Bigrocks and so many there choose as per your choice and budget for that you have just type in google.com “Domain Provider and you will get all the lists. To open google search result just click on Google Search Result for Domain provider.
    domain provider google search result
  2. Hosting: In technical term it  a medium to make a connectivity to your domain, backed and internet ftp, that establish a connection between internet and your domain become visible and you will upload you files or documents. It contains all you files and document safe and that will visible to all but they prevent the edit file by users.
    In general word, It is a back bone for your website without that your domain or website will be not live means no one not able to see or access your website or business. In daily use word you may say Hosting is a complex where you can build your so many house as per requirements. It will store all data on virtual space and make a constructive architecture of your virtual business store (Website) and be visible or presentation the way design your virtual store and want to show the people.

             2.a There is so many types of Hosting:

                     2.a.1: Shared Hosting: It is mainly shared with so many customers and here you will get a separate IP on a central Hosting. In general world, it is just like a business complex and you have one store located on that and there is so many other business also located with limitation of there space, freedom, and uses on a centralized address.

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There are so many vendor online that has been providing the shared hosting i going to mention some here: Godaddy,  Bigrocks, Digital Ocean, Hostgator and many more you may find by search on google.com, just type “shared hosting  providers” and you will get so many option here then you will compare as per your uses and budgets.

Check out Google result and options for Hosting Provider, Just click on: Google Search result on Buy Hosting.

buy hosting google search result

                 2.a.2: Virtual Private Server (VPS): In technical term, A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtual machine sold as a service by an Internet hosting service. A VPS runs its own copy of an operating system (OS), and customers may have superuser-level access to that operating system instance, so they can install almost any software that runs on that OS.

In general word, A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is own complex where only one address exit for all business and all business has been belongs to you no other business is running on the same address and even they do not have access and authority to open their shop at that place without your permission.

             2.a.3: Dedicated Server: In technical term, A Dedicated Server is a single computer or system in a network that has been reserved to serve the need of the network that allocated for that.

In general word, Dedicated Server a big plot or land belongs to you and what ever the complex and resource available on that land will be for you only no one else.

3. Website Design and Content: In Technical term, Website design contains your website design as per your requirements and content contains all the details about your business or about your projects. Content should be unique and related to your product or services.

In general term: Website is a your online/digital/virtual shop interior design, it will show your business products, services or product that you usually keep in your store or providing the service for your customers or user. You may also follow us for any query of updates @Digitalmarketingedges

Website Development or Creation:

Website Development or Creation is most important because it your business face presenting around glob/world wide web.

You can build your website using two method one is using Content  Management System (CMS) and other is custom development.

Content Management System:

It is basically  a kind management system where you can design your website and manage your content easily without any coding experience in hand. There are so many free CMS already available on internet that allow you to build your website without having coding experience or knowledge. I listing some popular CMS that generally people used:

WordPress: It is one of the most popular CMS around the world and it is easy to use compare to other cms. Here you will find so many theme/design option that will help you build your business website according as per your requirements.  Here you also find the option for free E-Commerce theme and addon plugins (like woocommerce) that help you to build your online store/E-Commerce websites and so many categories base theme that will help you out to build your business website as per you business niche or area.

JoomalaIt is also a good cms but not much theme and design option as well as it is bit complicated to use and no much add-on plugin that will provide you flexibility as WordPress had.

DrupalInitial is  a one of the famous CMS and known as secured cms, but it also have very limited theme, design and Add-On options and bit complicated for the end user those don’t have prior knowledge.

Magento, opencart, & shopify: These all three well known as E-Commerce CMS. They mainly design their CMS as per E-Commerce requirement. In this Magento and Opencart are free to use  but Shopify is paid one you have to paid for shopify for use long terms. But for all these three cms platform you should have some prior experience, if you don’t have then you may hire some expert or you may try yourself using Google and YouTube videos.

Keep thing in Mind while making Website Design:

Whenever you will try to design your website you may keep these important things in mind:

Website design minimal: should me easy in flow as per user, means your customer will use your website like a game and they will not find any difficulty to reach out to your original goal.

Website UI/UX simple: It just like your shop, if you keep your products in unsorted way or not in arranged mode in shop then it is very hard for customer to find any products as well as customer will not feel comfortable in your shop while look around inside your shop.

Search should be visible and easy to use: You should keep search button easy to visible , so your user can easily find what they are looking for, in case they land on other page that page they are not looking for, so they can search what he/she looking for even they can find search other products or services they might need in future or they might will refer to their friends, relative or some other group in that peoples are looking for that.

Color Tones and Text Font: Colors and CSS design for your website is very important part of that, always keep in mind color should not iterate human eyes. Even text font should be very plain an readable so user don’t feel stress while reading the content in your website or simply visiting your website.

Media Representation: Always keep in mind while putting any media files (Images, Videos, Docs, excel or pdf or anything else) on your website, quality of media should be very clear and related to your website content , products, services or whatever you have been doing. If you put wrong media on wrong place then user will went off without checking your content that will make a very bad impression for user so you might loos that user for long.

If, you have been putting good quality media on your website then it will attract more users and user will share automatically content to all. Even if you selling any products, services or anything else media is a good way to convey any one.

It is just like you are putting banner of your offline store or for your business and playing a media on big screen to show your products or services on a big frame that attract user, If your banner and big frame video not in good quality then people will not even see your shops or business whether you put big screen or big banner of picture.

Should mention your term & Condition page: Make sure you put your term & condition if you are making for business even for personal blogs too, So it will safe for your.

Mention Support Page visible: Put all support details visible to your customer it is always a good things, If you will not put then your customer will go off and you will lose your customers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Friendly: Website should be search engine optimized, so search engine will crawl your website as per your business categories. If you website not optimized as per SEO then it is very hard to find through search engine like Google, Yahoo, bing and more.

Why You Need a Website?

There is so many factor that you need your website, i am listing some below:

  • For reach out the max customers or user within minimal time.
  • No need to your customer will come to your store.
  • Your business will open 24/7.
  • Growth rate of your business increase faster.
  • No need to store more products.
  • Management of products and service is very easy.
  • You can put your product/services from anywhere.
  • To make online presence trustful and more visible.
  • Showcase more products/services compare to offline business.
  • It took less time to showcase your products/services compare to offline business.
  • Easy to reach out million of customer within minute, through msg, social media and so many marketing channel.

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