offline business vs Online Business

Why Digital Marketing or Online Business Needed now Days:

Today i am going to talk about the Online Business or Digital Marketing, Every one asking why it needed it is really worth it?

So, let’s check out some facts below that might be give you some basic idea why you need online business presence these days.

Offline BusinessOnline Business
Need a Physical StoreNo need to Physical Store
Need More InvestmentLess Investment
Need to Store your Productsor No need to Store the products, You have to find vendor
Need more peopleLess people
Wait for customer to comeyou can start getting user form first day itself
Number of customer is less per daythere is not limit of user/customer
Bound to area/geo locationNot bound with local/geo location
Customer plan to comeuser/customer can visit from anywhere
customer hustle moreuser/customer hustle is less so customer satisfaction might be high
Customer can not do shopping for their home/placeUser/Customer can do shopping from anywhere
Customer can not even make a query or contact your business form anywhereUser/Customer can contact or make a query form any where
New Customer will hardly find your businessNew User/Customer can easily find your business form any where
Source of marketing lessSource or marketing option is more
Customer reach is bounded or lessUser/Customer reach is not bound and Customer reach is very high
Need more time to reach new customer as per daily basisNeed very less time to reach customer as per daily basis
Time Limitation, means you can not open 24/7No time limitation, your shop will open 24/7

Now discuss in details, For offline business you have tell every person around you, but in online business you just have to share your business on your social media, and every one know that, these day every one is now connected through internet, so you can save your time and effort to reach customer as per daily basis.

As per servery Internet Users Projected To Cross 500 Million By June 2018 In India, So, you can imagine how many new customer you will get online while offline how many customer can visit your shop 1k-10k still it is very less than what you will get online business presence.

In Offline business you have put thing in show case for that you need a good space as well as you need to invest much money and more man power to manage. but mean while on online business you can show your thing or stock through image for that you need only a smart phone a have to click the image and put you image gallery online and people will see your showcase or your stock form anywhere and make purchase or make a quote or call to get details, you need to go anywhere.

For offline business you need more man power to manage your store or business but for online you need less human resource to manage your store or business.

In Offline business you have to wait customer come to your shop, for example if weather is bad not a single customer will come to your shop and you will not any business meanwhile on online business if weather is bad also customer make a purchase from their location and you will get daily business.

In Offline business how may customer can visit your shop a day max 1k-10k but, But mean while on online business no limitation for user there might be more than 1 lakh can visit your business.

In offline business if customer came more than 1000 then it is very hard to manage to such product management, billing and packaging but now other side in online you no need to worry about the manage the customer, packaging or billing customer manage their-self.

In offline business you will bound to your Geo location means it is very hard to reach your new customer those are living out form your local areas, but in online business you can easily reach new customer whether they belongs to your local area or out of your Geo location, means you can easily reach customer without any hustle and make a relationship with them as per business wise.

In windows shopping you need to more time to reach more time to reach out a huge customer base but online you can easily reach to customer, because now these day max people have smart phone as well as internet that has been provide flexibility to reach out customer easily. So, you can get more mobility compare to offline business.

Offline business has time limitation, means you business can not open 24/7 after a time you have to close you shop for some times, but in online business there is no time limitation your business will available 24/7 for customer, Customer can do shopping any time from anywhere, So your business will not close for your customer.

For example of online business you can see Paytm, Amazon, Flipkart, Sanpdeal and more meanwhile in offline business Big Bazzar, D-Mart and many more.

And there are so many benefits of online business, so if you have not started yet online presence for your business then start now and take your business to next level. And if you have any query regarding online business then feel free to contact us @ or you may contact me through skype @ vishalraj232 for free consultant.

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